Google Ads

case study: small budget big results

Clients Goals

To increase his business locally and with a small advertising budget. We set up targeted campaigns and  generated enough interactions, impressions and inquires to the business at a lower cost.

Tools we used

Web Design | Google Ads

How We Did This:


Keywords Research – Analyzed business keywords for MJS Glazing Advertising campaign.

Advertising Campaign: We created a search network advertising campaign to target potential customers for MJS Glazing.

Multiple Adgroups: We created multiple Ad Groups focused on a different set of business keywords.

Created multiple Ad Copies for better performance.

Campaign Ads Copies



Extensions: We used Call Extensions, Callouts, Structured Snippets to place more information with the ad copies for the business.

Keywords Optimization: We added potential keywords to the campaign and added negative keywords to optimize the campaign for relevant clicks.

Bids Management: We optimized keywords bids regularly to keep the ads running on top the page at a lower cost per clicks.

Regular Monitoring: We monitored the campaign Ad Copies, Keywords, CTR and Clicked Search Terms on a regular basis to optimize the performance of the account.



MJS Glazing - Campaign Case Study

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